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Replacing A Motion Control Valve

NB This is a guide, for more clarity, photos & so on, please reach out to us.

As always, during the replacement of the motion control valve cleanliness is vital. We recommend that prior to removing the motion control block a power washer is used to thoroughly wash around the entire drive system

Important: "Lock Out" the host machine as per the instructions in the host machine's operation manual. This will ensure that the machine cannot be moved while this procedure is being carried out.

i) Remove the cover plate from the inside of the track.

ii) Ensure that the pressure from the host machine’s hydraulic system has been relieved

iii) Disconnect the main supply hoses from ports valve 1 and valve 2 of the motion control valve. Place a marker on each hose to identify which is fitted to V1 and V2. Fit bungs in these hoses to prevent contamination.

iv) Disconnect the brake and drain hoses from ports, break hose & drain hose of the motion control valve. Fit caps on these hoses to prevent contamination.

v) To remove the motion control block unscrews the mounting bolts. Note: There are standard nitrile O-ring seals between the motion control block and the motor.

vi) Cover the valve with a clean cloth to prevent contamination.

i) Remove any packaging from the new motion control valve and ensure that the mating faces of the block and the motor are completely clean.

ii) Align the holes on the motion control valve with the holes on the motor. Take care not to lose or damage the seals on the valve.

iii) Insert the mounting bolts.

iv) Tighten the mounting bolts.

v) Fit the brake hose and the drain hose.

Note: Dowty seals should be fitted between the hoses and the motion control valve.

vi) Fit the supply hoses from the host machine's hydraulic system to ports V1 & V2 in the same position as they were removed.

vii) Replace the cover plate on the inside of the track frame.

viii)After moving the machine a few metres check for leaks.

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