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Replacing A Gearbox

NB This is a guide, for more clarity, photos & so on, please reach out to us.

In the unlikely event of a problem occurring with the gearbox it is often more economical to replace the entire gearbox than try to re

pair it on-site. On-site repairs often involve costly downtime of the host machine, requires highly trained service personnel and it has the potential for contamination which could cause further problems.

During the replacement of the gearbox cleanliness is vital. We recommend that prior to removing the gearbox a power washer is used to thoroughly wash around the entire drive system.

Important: "Lock Out" the host machine as per the instructions in the host machine's operation manual. This will ensure that the host machine cannot be moved while this procedure is being carried out.

i) In order to remove the gearbox the host mac

hine must be raised and the track group removed first.

ii) Once the track group has been removed unbolt the cover plate on the inside of the track.

iii) Once the pressure in the hydraulic system has been relieved unscrew the brake hose. Place a bung in the end of the brake hose and a cap on the brake fitting.

Note. There is no need to remove the main supply hoses which are connected to the motor.

Use a lifting strap around the main body of gearbox

v) Unscrew the two bolts holding the motor & then slide the motor out. Note: There is a splined shaft on the motor which inserts into the gearbox. There is also a seal between the motor and the gearbox.

vi) Remove the sprocket by unscrewing the mounting bolts. Note: To lift the gearbox out you will require a lifting device with a S.W.L. of no less than 250kg. We recommend the use of a lifting strap placed around the main body of the gearbox.

vii) Before unscrewing the gearbox mounting bolts place the lifting strap onto the gearbox and attach the lifting device. Allow the lifting device to take the strain.

viii) Unscrew the gearbox mounting bolts, then lift the gearbox back and out.

WARNING: Serious nip and crush hazards exist when replacing parts on the tracks.

Read the safety procedures before carrying out work on tracks!


i) In order to re-fit the gearbox a lifting device with a S.W.L. of no less than 250kg and a lifting strap will be required.

ii) To lift the gearbox into place attaches the lifting strap around the main body of the gearbox.

iii) Ensure that the gearbox and track frame mounting faces are perfectly clean. Remove all coverings and packaging material from the gearbox.

iv) Lift the gearbox into the track frame and insert the mounting bolts.

v) Tighten the gearbox mounting bolts

vi) Fit the motor onto the gearbox ensuring that the splined shaft and seal are properly located. Always fit a new seal when fitting the motor.

vii) Insert the two mounting bolts, and then tighten.

viii) Connect a male-male adapter and dowty seal into the braking port on the hub flange. Then connect the braking hose.

ix) Fit the sprocket onto the gearbox. Ensure that the mating faces on the sprocket and gearbox are completely clean. It is imperative that the sprocket is located square to the track frame. Any misalignment will cause excessive wear.

xi) Insert the sprocket mounting bolts

xii) Tighten the sprocket mounting bolts

xiii) Replace the cover plate on the inside of the track frame.

xiv) Re-fit the track group

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